Contributing to usdocker

First and foremost, thank you! We appreciate that you want to contribute to usdocker, your time is valuable, and your contributions mean a lot to us.


By contributing to this project, you:

Getting started

What does "contributing" mean?

Creating an issue is the simplest form of contributing to a project. But there are many ways to contribute, including the following:

If you'd like to learn more about contributing in general, the Guide to Idiomatic Contributing has a lot of useful information.

Showing support for usdocker

Please keep in mind that open source software is built by people like you, who spend their free time creating things the rest the community can use.

Don't have time to contribute? No worries, here are some other ways to show your support for usdocker:


Before creating an issue

Please try to determine if the issue is caused by an underlying library, and if so, create the issue there. Sometimes this is difficult to know. We only ask that you attempt to give a reasonable attempt to find out. Oftentimes the readme will have advice about where to go to create issues.

Try to follow these guidelines

Creating an issue

Please be as descriptive as possible when creating an issue. Give us the information we need to successfully answer your question or address your issue by answering the following in your issue:

Closing issues

The original poster or the maintainer's of usdocker may close an issue at any time. Typically, but not exclusively, issues are closed when:

Next steps

Tips for creating idiomatic issues

Spending just a little extra time to review best practices and brush up on your contributing skills will, at minimum, make your issue easier to read, easier to resolve, and more likely to be found by others who have the same or similar issue in the future. At best, it will open up doors and potential career opportunities by helping you be at your best.

The following resources were hand-picked to help you be the most effective contributor you can be:

At the very least, please try to: